Cookie Policy

We use cookies to collect data about how our users interact with our Site. You can manage your cookies through the browser settings on your desktop computer or your system settings on your portable device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device (computer, smartphone etc) when you browse through a new web site for the first time.

How do we use them

We use cookies to:

  1. Execute essential site operations like site navigation.
  2. Enable you to add products to your shopping cart or your wish list.
  3. Analyse user numbers and behaviour, e.g. frequency of visits and most popular pages on the site.
  4. Evaluate the success of marketing campaigns, promotions and newsletters
  5. Deliver targeted marketing messagesUnderstand which of our affiliates have helped us to reach new customers or promote our products on their web sites.

For comprehensive information on how we use your data, please consult our Privacy policy.

The following list specifies the cookies we use and their purposes.

Necessary cookies

These first party cookies belong to OC. From the first time you access the site, they enable the site to work correctly and enable you to view the content on your device in your selected language. If you are a registered user, it enables us to recognise you and give you access to your account and member services. Essential cookies are technical cookies that are essential to the working of the site.

We do not use any such cookies.

Functional cookies

These cookies enable us to recognise you on subsequent visits. It may enable you to access your account without reentering all your login details, e.g. when you have checked the “Remember Me” box). If you have added items to the shopping cart or closed the user session without completing the order or emptying your cart first, these cookies remember what’s in your cart the next time you visit (within a limited period). Functional cookies are not necessary to the working of the site but they improve the quality and experience of you

We do not use any such cookies.

Analytical cookies

These third party cookies are employed to collect anonymised and aggregated usage data. The data collected is used for statistical analysis on how users interact with our site

Google Analytics (anonymised IP data)

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool from Google Ireland Limited (“Google”). It helps us to understand how the Site is used. Your site usage data is analysed in an anonymised form, without any knowledge of your IP address. We use this data to compile reports and to improve your sites. The cookies collect anonymised data like number of site users, the cities and states they come from and the pages they have visited.

Google could potentially use the anonymised data to customise their advertising in the Google network of sites.

Targeting cookies

These cookies are used to publish targeted advertising. They also help limit the number of times you see the banners and help us to measure the success of our marketing campaigns.

We do not use any such cookies.

Managing your cookies

Most browsers allow you to manage saved cookies on your device. For more information, use the help section on your browser. Don’t forget that if you block the use of cookies on our Site, you may not be able to use our site or log in to our member’s area.